14 June 2020 @ 08:27 am

canons & AUs: I play Ichabod Crane from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow; I play him canonly and time-traveled AU for ease of interacting with non-canon characters (which so far has acted as 99.9% of the people who have wanted to play with him, so I pretty much only play him in this way) and have also dabbled in a "white witch" version of him for my own shameless entertainment
games: not in a roleplay game at this time

contact: [personal profile] badkarma, PMs, this post
4th wall: Please make him uncomfortable. I am more than welcome to have your character reference Washington Irving's classic tale or Tim Burton's aesthetic
backtagging: yesss
threadjacking: PM first!
smut: no thanks; I smut with one person and you're not them
timezone: US Eastern Standard
offensive subjects: I can probably roll with anything; only things I could feel uncomfortable with would be within the sexual realm and we just covered that so we should be good

hugging: I won't be offended, muse at worst might be alarmed
kiss: I mean he probably won't die
flirt: tbh I'll allow it only to cause Ichabod major amounts of comical social discomfort
fight: Ichabod isn't pro but he will definitely try to defend himself
injure: anything short of actual death is fine